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Lorna ByrneLorna Byrne is an internationally known Irish writer, who has since childhood seen angels and communicated with them. Lorna’s autobiography Angels in my Hair (”Engle i mit hår”, Borgen) is a bestseller, which has been translated into 26 laguages and sold in over 50 countries. Lorna is now for the first time visiting Denmark!

Date: Wednesday 26.9.2012, 6pm-8pm + meet & greet
Place: Black Diamond, Queen’s Hall, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, Copenhagen
Tickets: 260 Dk (available the first week in July) Call center +45 70 15 65 65

The language of the evening is english! 



Now you have a unique opportunity to meet worldfamous Lorna Byrne in Copenhagen! Lorna is trusted for her ability to communicate with spirits and angels. As a young child, she assumed everyone could see the otherwordly beings who always accompanied her. Yet in the eyes of adults, her abnormal behavior was a symptom of mental deficiency. Today, people around the world are drawn to her for comfort and healing. Lorna’s message is full of love: ”We all have our guardian angel, regardless of religion or faith”. By sharing her intimate knowledge of the spiritual wold she offers a message of hope to us all. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet her!


The doors to Queen’s Hall will be opened at 5 p.m. You will be able to purchase Lorna’s books before and after the event. Lorna does unfortunately not have the opportunity to sign books. The event starts at 6 p.m. and lasts for 2 hours. The evening consists of an interview with Lorna and questions from the audience. After the official program Lorna has an opportunity to shortly greet each person individually.

Lorna’s books ”Angels in My Hair” (2008), ”Stairways to Heaven” (2010) and ”Message of Hope from the Angels” (2012) have changed the lives of thousands of people. Angels in My Hair (Lorna’s autobiography) is an international bestseller, which has been translated into 26 languages and sold in over 50 countries.

More about Lorna

Internationally known Irish author Lorna Byrne has seen angels since childhood and communicated with them. In her first living memory Lorna lies in her cot and sees her mother surrounded by beautiful creatures glowing in different colours. They floated in the air like feathers. Only years later she understood that the creatures she saw were angels.

Nowadays Lorna sees angels as physical beings, as we see one another. Often they have wings and as they walk they float above the surface of the earth so that their feet don’t touch the ground. Sometimes angels appear as bright light, but when needed, these ”light phenomena” can shift shapes and appear as a person. Lorna tells that she sees a guardian angel behind every person. Sometimes these guardian angels open up to Lorna and tell an important message about their protege. Lorna says that God has given each one of us a gift in the form of a guardian angel.

Guided by Angels from Childhood

Lorna was trained by angels. Angels asked her to be vigilant and follow events around her, so that she would learn to see more perceptively and understand life and people on a deeper level. For Lorna all the creatures she saw were equally real. For example, she played for a long time with the spirit of her dead brother until she realized that it was a spirit, not a living person. As years passed Lorna learned to identify spirits in the fact that they glowed brighter than living people.

Lorna spent a lot of time with angels and spirits, so she seemed absent. She was considered different as a child, even retarded. The situation was not made easier by the fact that the angels forbade Lorna to talk about them. They said that people wouldn’t understand her. This secrecy was very hard on Lorna. She was constantly misunderstood and she felt different and an outsider.

Hard life

Lorna was born into a poor family. The family was even homeless at times and they lived with relatives. Food was scarce and at times the family was almost starving. Lorna had learning difficulties and when she was 14 the parents decided to stop their daughter’s schooling. Lorna felt then that she was mistreated and considered less important than the other siblings.

Lorna’s father arranged a job for her at a petrol station, and there she met her future husband Joe. Life with Joe was filled with joy and love, and the couple had four children together. Gradually their happiness became overshadowed by Joe’s poor health. When their youngest child was four, Joe died.

Joe’s passing was a shock to the whole family and a turning point in Lorna’s life. Lorna moved to another area with her youngest daughter. Little by little light came back into Lorna’s life. People started to come to her, and she helped them with her presence and prayers.

The Birth of the Book

One of the most wondrous things Lorna heard from the angels as a child was the fact that she would write a book. For Lorna this thought was impossible, because she suffered from difficult word blindness and had never even read a book. Year after year the angels constantly reminded her about this mission.

Soon after the move the angels told Lorna that the time for the book had come. For the next two years Lorna recorded her thoughts on a dictation machine. Lorna met Jean Callahan who after a lot of pondering agreed to type the text out. Another central person who had an effect on the birth of the book was the publisher, who suggested that it would be an autobiography.

After six years of hard work in spring 2008 Lorna published her autobiography Angels in My Hair. After its publication the book soon climbed to to the top of the best seller lists in both Ireland and Great Britain. In the same year it was selected fact book of the year in Ireland. At present the book has been translated into 26 languages and published in 50 countries, for example USA, Japan and Russia.

Lorna’s story is touching and honest. She depicts her life in poverty and hunger, and her husband’s gradual illness. Lorna also tells about how much the angels have helped her and encouraged her on in her life. Angels are her teachers, and she describes them accurately and in a true to life way.

Message of Hope

With her book and public events Lorna has deeply touched people around the world. Angels in My Hair has changed the life of thousands of people. Her message is filled with hope: we are never alone.We each have our own guardian angel, regardless of our religion or beliefs.

Lorna has also attracted a lot of attention in the European media. She has been a guest in BBC broadcasts on several occasions. The Economist quoted Lorna’s message of angels in its Christmas edition, and she has been written in various other newspapers, such as The Times, The Independent and Die Welt.

The readers’ warm welcome has taken Lorna to travel the world. Her public appearances have been sold out in both The United States and Europe. This autumn, in September, the Finnish people have a great pleasure to meet her for the third time in Finland, at Finlandia Hall.  ”Finally I am doing what the angels have been asking me to do for years. I talk openly about what I see and what I have learned from them”, says Lorna joyously.


Engle i mit hår

Lorna Byrne har set og kommunikeret med engle, siden hun var barn. Da hun var lille, blev hun opfattet som langsom og »tilbage«, fordi hun ikke syntes interesseret i sine omgivelser. I Engle i mit hår taler hun for første gang om, hvordan hun kunne se en anden verden af engle og ånder midt iblandt os. I mange år antog hun, at alle andre kunne se det samme. Englene hjælper hende gennem livet og er vidnesbyrd om, at vi er beskyttet.

Engle i mit hår er en biografi om en moderne kvindes liv i Irland. Det er samtidig en poetisk bog om en mystiker fra fattige kår med en vanskelig barndom, som finder kærligheden og mister den igen, samtidig med at hun kommunikerer med engle hele livet. Hun bliver en berømt og elsket healer og lærer i Irland og skriver sent i livet en bog, som rører manges hjerter.

»Engle i mit hår er mere end blot en selvbiografi. Det er en åbenbaring, der vil åbne dine øjne og ændre dit liv.«
– Matthew E. Adams

Trappetrin til himlen

Lorna Byrne ser og taler med engle, hver eneste dag i sit liv og det har hun gjort siden barndommen. Hun fik tidligt besked på, at det var hendes opgave at videregive den viden, som Gud og englene gav hende, men bevarede i mange år sin viden for sig selv.

I TRAPPETRIN TIL HIMLEN fortæller hun, hvordan hun efter sin mands død fik sit liv på ret køl igen. Hun var uden uddannelse og enlig mor til fire, da hun brød tavsheden og begyndte at sprede englenes budskaber til verden.

Hun afslører usædvanlig detaljeret viden om engle og deres arbejde i verden. Hun præsenterer os for Jordens skytsengel og forklarer, hvorfor det er så vigtigt, at vi lytter til ham.

Hun beretter om den tragiske kærlighed mellem to sjæle, som hun mødte første gang, da hun var en lille pige. Disse sjæle forblev tæt på hende i tyve år og brugte hendes åndelig gaver til at heale de mennesker, der havde skadet dem – og hjalp også deres efterkommere, hvis liv stod i skyggen af ugerningerne.

Hun fortæller også om menneskenes fremtidsudsigter, sådan som Gud forestiller sig dem. De afhænger af de beslutninger, vi træffer. ”Alle må tage del”, siger hun.

Lorna Byrnes bøger giver hendes læsere håb – hjælper dem til at indse, at selv om de føler sig alene i verden, så har de altid en skytsengel i nærheden.

Lorna Byrne har tidligere udgivet ENGLE I MIT HÅR (2010) som nu er trykt i adskillige oplag.

Et budskab om håb fra englene

(Udkommer Oktober 2012!)

Lorna Byrne ser og taler med engle, hver eneste dag i sit liv og det har hun gjort siden barndommen. Hendes to foregående bøger er selvbiografiske, og beskriver, hvordan englene forberedte hende til at videregive deres budskab til verden. Denne bog indeholder hendes budskab om håb og budskabet er til den enkelte læser.

Hun skriver om hvordan hun ser engle hjælpe folk, når de er trætte, føler sig hjælpeløse, nedtrykte, uønskede og utilstrækkelige. Når de har økonomiske vanskeligheder eller simpelthen har for travlt.

I Englenes budskab om håb fortæller Lorna Byrne enkelt og direkte, hvordan den enkelte kan påkalde dennne hjælp og gøre livet bedre og lykkelige