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We Touch Beyond the Surface

Lorna Byrne

FreeFlowFactory arranges modern wellness events that touch beyond the surface. Our events reflect the zeitgeist. They offer deep experiences, inspiring encounters and diverse information. We wish to serve you by bringing the most interesting international and Finnish performers to our events. You are welcome to join us!

We are constantly on the lookout for topical performers from around the world and in Finland, who have the ability to offer the audience something exceptional in the wellness field.

In our event you get an experience that touches beyond the surface. You can count on the fact that our events are organized professionally, and with high quality standards. We are especially known for the ambience of our events, which has been described as luminous, fresh and uplifting.

Events with Heart and Professionalism

Our events have been popular successes both in Finland and abroad. We organize our zeitgeist reflecting events with professionalism, experience and heart.

In choosing our Partners we utilize our sensitivity to anticipate tomorrows topics. We choose as our Partners those, who we sense have the ability to touch the audience. We value the fact that we can fully support our event as a whole.

Strong International Know-How

We tailor each event individually, to suit the performer. With our input we want to ensure that our performers get the benefit of the best possible venues to bring forth their unique message. Our work is best described by the concepts esteem, reverence, fair play and openness. We find it natural to operate in international surroundings and under the influence of other cultures. We are delighted that media has noted our events both in Finland and abroad. In addition to Finland, we have organized events in Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.

We have received thanks for our strong practical know-how. These include brand management and marketing, functional space planning and fluent translation services. Especially the ambience of our events has received acclaim, the predominant adjectives being luminous, fresh and uplifting.

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Lorna Byrne”I love working with Catarina and Uma, they are a great team and I trust them completely. I’m just sorry that I can’t do events with them in every country!”
–Lorna Byrne– International bestselling author of Angels in my hair

”FreeFlowfactory have now organised three different events in Helsinki with Lorna Byrne – each one bigger and better than the last. They have made a significant contribution to building Lorna Byrne’s profile in Finland.”
–Jean Callanan– Literary Agent to international bestselling author Lorna Byrne

Sonia Choquette”My workshop in Helsinki was of the highest caliber and the producers made it a first class experience for both me and the attendees in every way. It was my great pleasure to work with them and I would never hesitate to do it again.”
–Sonia Choquette– Ny times best selling author of The answer is simple
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